9 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Toothache At Night – Causes and Remedies 2022

Toothache is very painful especially when it happens to you at night. It is quite hard to sleep when you’re suffering from toothache at night.

The main solution is to go to your dentist when you have any type of dental pain but when you can’t get your dentist there are some home treatments to get rid of toothache at night. The following tips can help you to reduce your toothache at night.

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How To Get Rid Of Toothache At Night? 9 Best Ways

There are some ways to getting rid of toothache at night. By using these following treatments you can manage your pain and can a good sleep at night.

  •  Keep Your Head Elevated: Try to prop your head higher than your body and keep elevated on a thick pillow or you can also use several pillows to keep your head elevated. Elevation can help to prevent the blood pressure that rushing from your body to head. When blood rushes to the head it causes pain and inflammation so by keeping your head elevated helps you to reduce your pain and thus you can fall asleep.
  • Oral Medication: By the use of medication such as acetaminophen (Tylenol), and aspirin can help you to ease your pain which is caused by toothache. There are many numbing pastes or gels are used with the benzocaine can helps you to reduce your pain which is enough for you to fall asleep until you next should go to your dentist.
  • Take an Inflammatory: You can can minimize your toothache at night by using inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin). When you start taking ibuprofen then you should take it for every few hours, according to the label. When you feel better then stop taking medication. Further if you don’t have ibuprofen then you can use acetaminophen instead. It can also help to reduce your pain while it is not an anti-inflammatory medication.
  • Avoid eating acidic and hard and cold foods before going to bed: Another way to getting rid of toothache at night is to avoid such things that causes toothache. By the use of these foods, your teeth get worse and cavities get start to form on your teeth.
  • Use Of an Ice Pick: An ice pack can also helps to reduce your toothache, wrap  ice pack in a piece of cloth and cover your painful part of your teeth with it. Apply cold compress to the painful area of your teeth for 15-20 minutes in every hour can help to ease you pain this it can help you to getting rid of toothache at night.
  • Rinse With Salt Water:  It is a simple way to deal with your toothache at night. Instead of using ice packs and medication it a natural way to stop your toothache at night and take some hours of sleep. You can reduce your pain by cleaning your infection with hot salt water. Salt Water is a natural anti-bacterial agent so it can reduce your inflammation. Rinsing with salt water can also remove food particle and debris that is present in your teeth and gums that also causing toothache.
  • Rinse Your Teeth With a Mouthwash:  You should try to use mouthwash when you observing toothache at night. Mouthwash should must contain alcohol that do both numb and disinfect your mouth.
  • Rinsing With Hydrogen peroxide: Periodontist is a gum infection which is due to the poor oral hygiene.  It also causing bleeding gums and soreness that may lead to tooth loss. It is found that the use of hydrogen peroxide mouthwash can also helps you to reduce your toothache at night.
  • Use Of Hot Packs :  It is another way to reduce your toothache at night. Using of hot pack can also help you stop your pain by applying it at the side your jaws. The heat from packs can help to prevent the pain signals from you mouth to your brain thus it can thus it can also use for getting rid of toothache at night.

But in severe toothache, you should consult your doctor or dentist.

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Natural Remedies For getting Rid of Toothache at Night

Toothache is very hard to bear when especially when it happens at night. There are several natural remedies for getting rid of toothache at night. By the use of these natural remedies, you can heal from toothache. You can use

  • Clove
  • Garlic
  • Mango Bark
  • Guava leaves
  • Tobacco leaves
  • Sunflower leaves
  • Sweet potato leaves
  • Wheatgrass
  • Thyme

You should have to be careful about allergies and plants and oilseeds that you want to use for toothache relief. You should also talk to your doctor and dentist before using these natural remedies.

Causes For Toothache

Toothache is a painful condition that is caused by various dental infections. Common causes for toothache are:

  • Tooth Decay: When bacteria which is present in your mouth causes tooth decay and nerve of the teeth might exposes which causes extreme toothache.
  • Sinus Infection: The drainage from sinus Infections can also causing sever toothache.
  • Mouth and Jaw injury: These injuries can happens due to the forced trauma to your facial areas thus it causing toothache.
  • Infected or Abscessed teeth:  This condition is also know as dental abscess, described as a pocket of puss present in your mouth.
  • Losing a Filling: When you lose your filling it exposes the nerve that is present inside of your tooth, is also a cause of toothache.
  • Food and other debris in your mouth:  Both organic and inorganic matter which remains in your teeth can causes pressure which then damage the teeth and causing pain.
  • Temporomandibular joint disorders: It is a joint issue that is classified in a pain of jaws. Thus TMJ issue can also causing toothache.
  • Teeth Grinding: When you grind or clench your teeth at night it cause sever toothache.
  • Gum disease: Gum diseases such as periodontal disease and gingivitis can causes toothache.

When Should You Go To The Dentist ?

Whenever you feel toothache over 24 hours, it is important to schedule your dentist appointment. You should make an appointment with your dentist if you’re suffering with

  1. Severe pain  
  2. Toothache remains for last two days  
  3. You have fever, pain and headache when you open your mouth.

You have gone through trouble during breathing or swallowing.


Whenever you’re feeling toothache especially at night it feels worse. Now you do not need to worry about it because there are enough ways to reduce your pain by using different and suitable natural treatments at home.

There is a big issue about how to get rid of toothache at night because of an emergency when you can’t get to your dentist then you can apply many ways that are discussed in this article. After that, you should also consult your dentist for further description.

If you lose your filling or having a problem regarding tooth filling pain you can read Is Tooth Filling painful or Not?

About how to get rid of toothache you can ask a question to our community or you can share your thoughts on it by leaving a comment in the section.