Know Why Toothache Causing Headache And Eye Pain? Types And Migraine 2022

When you’re suffering from pain in any part of your body then the first thing you want to know about is why it is happening? A constant headache and eye pain are due to dental problems. The main and common reason is toothache or tooth pain that causing headaches and eye pain.

Toothache itself is a pain in or around the tooth that is caused by various factors like tooth decay, damaged tooth filling, and infected gums.  

Toothache Causing Headache

How Toothache Causing Headache and Eye Pain?

Any kind of pain in your body can cause headaches. Continue headache and eye pain is due to toothache. It may also be due to some sinus conditions. If you already have toothache afterward you also feel a headache which means it’s because of a headache. Sometimes patients also feel pain behind the eyes or maybe below the eyes, it is also due to tooth pain. Further toothache also leads to ear pain and jaw pain because the nerves and joints of the face are connected to each other.

Toothache closely links to headache and eye pain than we think. Toothache causes headache and eye pain because of its close accessibility to the trigeminal nerve is the primary cause of toothache and gum pain. It also induces temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and jaw bone-related pains. The trigeminal nerve is a large three-part nerve in your head that is responsible to send pain, touch, and temperature sensations from face to brain. It provides the nerve supply to the face, gums, jaws and jaws joint, and TMJ.  Moreover, tooth grinding also irritates the jaws that induce headache and eye pain.

Reasons for Toothache Causing Headache and Eye Pain At The Same Time

There are absolutely many reasons that cause toothache that leads to headache and eye pain at the same time. It may a

Tooth Infection:

Infection in or around the tooth is very common that leads to abscess formation or nerve exposure that causes headache and sometimes it also leads to the eye pain. As it discussed earlier it happens because of the close accessibility of the trigeminal nerve in this part of the body.

A person that suspected of tooth pain also suffers from headache, eye pain, jaw pain, and ear pain and should seek the medical attention immediately.

Improper Dental Work:

Surprisingly improperly done dental is another cause of a toothache that leads to further pains including headache and eye pain.

Absolutely when a crown veneer, filling treatments, or any of other treatments or restoration or even the alignment of the teeth that done with the use of braces is done properly then it can trigger off the chronic condition of headache and eye pain.

For example, when a filling crosses the demanding level and is done highly it causes severe toothache.

Furthermore, when patients bite it and altered the filling it also causes toothache that leads to eye pain and headache.

The dental restoration that has been done improperly can also lead to joint issues which cause headaches and eye pain.

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) Issues:

It is basically a joint issue that leads to headaches and eye pain. TMJ issues are conditions that effecting the jaws and its muscle and their nearby areas. Now you get to know how a small thing in size can impact your dental health that leads to chronic headache. It is the only moveable joint that connects to your lower jaws and skull. This joint is responsible for all the movements of jaws during eating, chewing, swallowing, Talking, biting and yawing, etc. TMJ is very sensitive to bite level or even a minor change can also make trouble in it. TMJ issue is one of the main causes of chronic headaches in patients.

Sometimes patients have some dental work and they didn’t visit to their dentists for a long time due to which TMJ problem become worst and it causes chronic headache. The link in between the TMJ issue and headache is due to the trigeminal nerve.

Can Toothache Causing Migraine?

Migraine might be due to toothache. There are many reasons for toothache it might be due to the cracked teeth and cavities. If these dental problems are not treated well then the patient may have a one-sided severe headache called migraine. Which may lead to vomit or nausea. It is a very severe one-sided headache. Migraine often attacks around the scalp or behind the eyes and cheeks.

Sometimes migraines made you feel nauseous and it causes you to become temporarily sensitive to light and smell. During or after a migraine it also affects the visual sense of some people which is called “auras”.

If you’re having severe toothache and it continues due to the lack of dental care then toothache causing a headache called “migraine”. Any pain like jaw pain, tooth pain, headache, or any facial pain may lead to migraine which further increases the rate of nausea and anxiety.  

Dentists believe that toothache and migraine have a connection due to the trigeminal nerve. This moveable trigeminal nerve plays a role in the development of migraines because it links Jaws and the head. If you’re facing the toothache or jaws pain then it ultimately leads to migraines which are very unpleasant for the sufferers. TMJ issues are also causing migraines because it also connected to the trigeminal nerve.

Types Of Headaches That Caused by Toothache

There are several types of pain that happen due to toothache are mentioned below:

Headache Behind The Eyes

Often this type of pain is called migraine which actually begins with the pain of the eyes and temple side of your side. Migraine causes you sensitive towards light, sound, and smell. It also made you feel nauseous.

Sinus Headache

Sinus is an infection that can cause headaches around your eyes, nose, cheeks, upper teeth, and forehead. This pain becomes worse timely. Due to sinus patients also suffer from fever and nasal discharge.

Cluster Headache

Cluster headache is acute pain that is present around the eyes or maybe around a single eye. It comes in groups and you will be having it for a day to a week or may not have any pain from weeks to years. It generally happens in men.

During this pain, you might experience watery eyes, congestion, and a red face. It rarely occurs and it attacks from 30 to 60 minutes and made you restless during this pain.

Eye Strain

It happens when you work for hours without rest thus your eyes get tired. After a long screen of work like staring at the computer or mobile your eyes get strained. Eyes become swollen and itching also happens at the same time.


In this article, we are explaining either toothache causing headache or eye pain. If it causes then what’s the reason behind it. Toothache definitely causes aches in different facial parts that include your eyes and jaws pain etc. Toothache also causing headache and ear pain because of the trigeminal nerve, a moveable nerve that has a connection between jaws and the temple. After reading this article you can understand about how toothache causing headaches and eye pain. If you have any problem regarding this you can leave a message for us via the contact us page. You can also leave a comment on whether this article is helpful or not.