How to Get Rid of Gingivitis with Braces? Complete Guide

Gingivitis is one of the most common dental problems with the majority of adults are suffering, Gingivitis is very common for a person who is getting treatment from braces. Braces in the initial days of use can be irritating and painful to the gums. How to Get Rid of Gingivitis with Braces is a common question and in this article, you will get your all the answers.

When the braces are new the person can get swelling in the gums, pain, and redness in the gums this is because braces are pressuring the gums and hurting the gums tissue which can lead to inflammation.

Inflammation of gums is the most common and initial stage of gum disease which can lead to gingivitis or any other gum disease. Gingivitis with Braces is also occurred because of food and plaque stuck due to braces.

How to Get Rid of Gingivitis with Braces?

Anyone who is suffering from Gingivitis with Braces can get rid of it by following proper oral hygiene and regular bruising, flossing, and using mouthwash or other oral hygiene. By this, you can also get rid of gingivitis and as well as preventing it from getting worse.

Flossing with Braces can be difficult in the initial days but it is a must to floss the teeth and gums and the parts of the braces so that no food can stuck behind the braces. When you do flossing regularly the Gingivitis with Braces can be reversed easily with proper and regular dental hygiene.

Get Rid of Gingivitis with Braces

Steps To Get Rid of Gingivitis with Braces

  1.  Do brushing the teeth’s with Soft Bristle Toothbrush Twice a day
  2. Do Flossing atleast one time a day with minimal pressure
  3. Drink water while having any food to avoid food stuck in braces
  4. Use Mouthwash risen regularly and use antibacterial mouthwash not a normal mouthwash
  5. If it is not getting reverse consult Dentist

Common Symptoms

If a person is suffering from Gingivitis with braces then he can normally get this kind of symptom.

  • Irritation in gums
  • Redness in gums after using braces
  • Swelling of gums or puffy gums around or near the braces
  • Bleeding from the gums when brushing and flossing
  • Feeling sensitivity in gums

Everyone can face different symptoms it can depend on the condition and case but these are the most common symptoms for gingivitis with braces. If you are feeling and getting some other symptoms firstly consult the doctor for better treatment.

What causes Gingivitis after using braces?

Gingivitis is caused due to inflammation in gums and teeth which is mainly caused because of food and plaque stuck in gums and teeth. It can also happen due to a lack of oral care after using braces.      

Prevention for Gingivitis with Braces

In the initial days of braces, it is common to have gum irritation swelling of gums, and gingivitis, with proper dental care anyone can prevent gingivitis with braces. By following proper oral hygiene and dental care you can reduce the gingivitis to increase to its next stage.

While braces are on your teeth and gums it is quite difficult to maintain proper oral hygiene but still, you can try as much as possible to maintain oral care like brushing and flossing.

The best way to brush your teeth when you are having braces is using an Interdental brush it can help to remove food and plaque which is stuck in between teeth and braces. The interdental brush is very thin and it is available in round and coned shape.

It is a special type of brush and it comes with different handles for better grip and use. It is very much important to have a good toothbrush if you want to get rid of gingivitis or any other gums problem you must have to take care of your dental health.

Some preventions you should follow

  • Stop the consumption of alcohol ( If you drink)
  • Stop using any tobacco products
  • Follow proper diet
  • Use good quality Interdental brush with soft bristles
  • Don’t allow food to stuck in braces floss regularly

Home Remedies

There are many types of home remedies that many people use and have benefits from it in any kind of dental problem. In gingivitis with braces, you can also use some home remedies to get rid of it. But the most important thing is maintaining proper oral care if you don’t follow proper oral care no remedies are going to help.

These remedies are proven to get rid of gingivitis and gum diseases

  • Saltwater risen can help to reduce the inflammation which causes gingivitis
  • Warm water compresses can help to get pain relief and reduces the swelling of gums
  • Turmeric gel can be beneficial when it comes to gums diseases
  • Green tea can also help

When to see a Doctor?

Gingivitis with braces can be common starting days so you should not worry at least for a week if it is taking more than a week and the redness and swelling of gums is not reducing then it is necessary to consult your dentist.


Gingivitis with braces is very normal when you are starting to use braces because of presses of braces on the gums and that leads to swelling and redness in the gums. It usually takes a week to get normal if it is taking more time you can consult the dentist.

Proper oral care is a must for curing any gum disease and by doing flossing and brushing you can get rid of Gingivitis with braces easily.